5 ways the internet can help you get the best mobile deals

5 Ways The Internet Can Help You Get The Best Mobile Deals

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Although they have decreased in price substantially over the past 10 years in particular, mobile phones can still be expensive. However, the internet is a fantastic resource for getting the best mobile deals possible and these 5 points show just how it can be utilized to find some fantastic offers.

1. Comparison websites - when comparison websites were first setup online, they tended to only allow you to compare insurances, most notably car insurance. Over the past few years, however, they’ve developed tremendously and now it’s possible to find a comparison website for almost every type of item or service possible.

With mobile phones, although they differ from website to website, the general procedure for contract phones is to input how much money you want to spend on your mobile phone each month, state how many inclusive texts and minutes you want and the results will return the best mobile deals for your criteria.

2. Auctions - arguably the best way to get Pay As You Go mobile deals online, auction websites dominate the second hand market online, selling everything from mobiles and their accessories to cars, houses and even businesses.

Some people are dubious about using auctions, generally for the fact they think that they’re going to get ripped off. However, as long as you read the description fully, ensure the product you’re buying is not a fake or a copy, buy from a popular and respectable seller and use a credit card, you shouldn’t encounter any major problems.

3. Classified adverts - although classified adverts aren’t a great way to get contract mobile deals, they are fantastic if you’re looking to pick up second hand handsets.

The reason behind this is that when people receive an upgrade on their contract, the mobile that they upgraded from is legally theirs. Having no use for it, they tend to sell it and as they’ve got a new mobile, they aren’t overly bothered as to the price it sells for.

4. Recycle programmes - if you’ve got an old drawer full of mobile phone handsets, you could receive a substantial amount of money by recycling them.

Something that has only become popular in the last few years, there are several companies who will provide you with money should you send them your old handsets to recycle.

Whilst this point doesn’t provide you with cheap mobile deals in general, the idea is to put the money you receive here straight towards your new handset.

5. Online promotions - ever since the internet exploded in popularity around the turn of the new millennium, it’s generally been accepted that if you want the cheapest product possible, you should head online.

With companies able to reduce their standard costs by selling online as they have no outgoings in terms of a retail property or several members staff, they can buy the items at the same cost price as their offline competitors, but pass on their savings from being based online through their products.

For those companies that have both an offline and online presence, so that they can compete with online retailers, they more often do not run regular promotions and therefore if you’re looking for the best mobile deals, search around the internet extensively, as you’re likely to be able to take advantage of percentage discounts on a handset or lower monthly fees.

Cathy Butler is a mobile phone reviewer specialising in reviewing pay monthly mobile deals. Cathy also specialises in pay as you go deals and sim cards.

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