A brief history of text messaging online

A Brief History Of Text Messaging Online

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First there was the internet, shortly followed by the emergence of mass produced easy to use mobile phones. Then the two technologies merged. It was surely inevitable that the two’s paths would cross at some stage but what seems evident is the fact that there has certainly been a lot of one way traffic. Mobile phones can access the internet, allow you to send emails and generally make it easy to stay in touch whilst on the go. The internet by contrast has developed a piece of software called Skype which allow people to make free calls to other Skype users over the internet and also you can perform text messaging online.

The way that you can perform text messaging online via Skype is through a messenger program that allows you to send messages to fellow Skype users either on the internet or on the 3 company’s mobile network via their specially integrated phone. Obviously that means that the software is not accessible and available to all mobile users.

Thankfully there are a number of companies that took on the challenge to create a piece of software that allows people with an internet connection to send brief messages to mobile users in the form of an SMS text message. First devised by British Telecom back in the late nineties it was designed to allow employees to send messages from the call centres to the engineers who were out on site at the time. But this method of text messaging online was then adapted for general release on the internet.

Initially some companies set up sites were it was free to utilise text messaging online and their revenue was generated via advertising messages. Unfortunately as soon as word spread about these sites the increase in traffic being directed to the site and the revenue generate did not expand exponentially and it became financially impossible to keep these sites running. As the old saying goes you can’t get anything for free and that in short is what these companies found out.

The next step was to find an affordable solution that would entice users on to the site but generate enough revenue for the company providing the text messaging online service. Thankfully due to the reduction in text incentives and the hard work of these companies you can now purchase packages that will allow you to send messages to people’s mobile phones should you need to. The balance in technology between the internet and mobile phones is not completely addressed but hopefully over time it will continue to level out.

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