A reference guide to internet service providers

A Reference Guide To Internet Service Providers

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Connecting to the Internet is merely a communication between two computers. This is usually between the user’s computer, and the website’s computer or server that the person is visiting. There are several methods on how to connect online, but the only difference is how they allow someone to access the Internet.

Consumers can expect to see Internet Service Providers offer some extra features. Just an example of some features that they offer are various anti-virus programs and specially designed web browsers branded by the company. However, there are some providers that just rely on offering a connection without all the extras.

Types of Connections:

Dial-up is a basic way to connect to the Internet. It just uses a simple telephone line and a computer that has a modem. The user has to initiate the dial-up which dials the number given by the Internet service provider. The user can then surf to his or her own heart’s content at very slow speeds.

Cable Internet uses same cables as cable television with wires within the cable that can filter the Internet into a subscriber’s home. Cable internet can be very fast, but it is not so cheap when compared to other services like DSL and dial-up.

DSL or Digital Subscribe Line requires a phone line, just like dial-up. The phone line cable that connects is different than a Plain Telephony Line. Within the special phone line is a filtered line geared to translating high frequency. This high frequency allows the user to have a much faster Internet experience than the dial-up method.

Satellite Internet is delivered through the same type of equipment like satellite television. For people in remote places and meet the specific requirements of being able to have such a system, this is a good way to connect. Usually the consumer can purchase how fast and how much they want to use the Internet with a fair access policy.

Wireless is a type of connection that is a more recent development in the technology behind developing more methods of getting online. There are no requirements for a phone line, cable or any other contraption unless the individual has some type of connection card. Wireless can be portable and only needs the computer, or laptop to be able to accept this type of connection. However, wireless is usually limited to a certain area range and may not be as strong as a connection from one place to another.

The different types of wireless are WiFi, WiMAX, 3G, 4G, Fixed Wireless and a myriad of others.

The Internet is always advancing and is likely that more methods of connecting will become available in the future. Anyone looking to purchase from an Internet service provider should carefully review things like cost, features, the ISP’s reliability, and customer service. There are many ISP’s out there, so it is important to choose the best available.

The author is a ISP Advisor. For more information please visit www.internetaccessproviders.org by www.ContentCrooner.com

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