Audio quality in communications matters: hd voice in voip networks

Audio Quality In Communications Matters - HD Voice In VoIP Networks

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VoIP systems have slowly integrated itself into mainstream telecommunications systems for personal, commercial and industrial use. This is due mainly to the cost-effective communication solutions that VoIP networks offer individual or corporate users for their internal or external telecommunications needs.

However, many are still holding out on their transition to VoIP-based communications mainly due to concerns with regards to voice quality. Businesses and professionals rely much on clear, concise and precise communications with their clients, suppliers and co-workers. It would not be productive for business users if they have to repeat words or spell-out letters in words because the phone lines could not capture the whole range of frequencies of human speech.

Enter wideband or HD VoIP technologies. These new and emerging systems are promising far superior voice quality than any standard telephony systems can ever provide. The following discusses what HD or wideband VoIP is and how it can benefit businesses, professionals and personal users of VoIP systems and networks.

HD VoIP, Its Benefits and Current Limitations

Wideband VoIP technology is also called HD Voice or HD VoIP in the industry and refers to the systems and technologies using a voice codec that delivers audio superior in quality to traditional PSTN phones, cellular phones and standard VoIP calls. This is possible because HD Voip systems can capture twice the capability of standard phones in capturing the sound spectrum for voice frequencies.

Standard phones or PSTN systems can only capture from 300 to 3,300 Hz (3.3 kHz) of the human voice sound spectrum. Wideband telephony using the G.722 standard telephony codec for wideband can capture up to 7 kHz of the sound spectrum, thereby providing crisp, higher clarity of sounds to each call. HD VoIP technologies now boast voice sampling of 8, 16 and 32 kHz increments, which can mean big changes in the communications experience.

With HD Voice, users can hear a wider range of sounds, enabling them to distinguish words and letters more clearly, particularly in conversations with people with unfamiliar accents. This would be beneficial for businesses engaged in frequent conference calls, making such communications easier to understand, less stressful and more productive. Comprehension is easier thus increasing the ability of staff members to process and retain relevant information from their conversations and teleconferences. With wideband technology, calls are more realistic–not like the “canned” sounds that people usually get with standard phones.

The only drawback with HD VoIP systems is that you can only get the full range of benefits if both ends of the line have the HD or wideband capable VoIP systems. If the recipient does not have the same codec, the voice call will be downgraded to standard voice quality. However, as the HD standard spreads, more and more users will soon be able to experience and benefit from the high quality audio that HD VoIP phones can provide.

Current and Future Trends with HD VoIP

As cellular networks slowly move towards 4G technologies, the use of wideband telephony and HD voice will also increase as users can make use of the technology on their mobile devices. With the increase of VoIP usage over land-based and cellular networks, mainstream mobile users of VoIP systems can fully enjoy the full range of features that wideband VoIP systems can offer them.

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