Cartridge refill service: needs and benefits

Cartridge Refill Service - Needs And Benefits

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The use of computers has grown at unprecedented levels. Invariably, the related components like printers are also used with abandon. These printers use ink or laser cartridges. These cartridges become useless after use until they are refilled with the ink. There are a few companies which provide this cartridge refill service. This article explains the needs and advantages of employing such a service.

Let us look at some alarming facts:

1. Presently, three-fourths of all printer users, throw away the used cartridges.
2. One new laser cartridge needs more than 3.4 liters in its manufacturing process.
3. It can take a laser cartridge up to 450 years to decay, when thrown into a landfill.
4. Tremendous growth is projected in the use of printers and related products, globally.

So, in less than a year, cartridge recycling could save 4.3 million liters of oil in U.S.A. alone. However, there are companies, who are aggressively doing their bit for the environment. These companies provide cartridge refill services wherein a customer may get a used cartridge refilled. This refilled cartridge is then reused by the customer.

Some companies also provide a value-added service like refurbishing of used cartridges. These are quality-control measures to provide highest standard of products to the consumers. This results in effective utilization of resources.


* This saves the customer the cost of making a new purchase.
* He is able to get the same quality of product at a lower price.
* This results in huge cost-saving, both for the client and the service provider.
* The cartridge company benefits from this transaction as no energy is spent on recreating a cartridge from scratch. And, it is still able to sell its product, albeit at a slightly lower price.
* Also, there is satisfaction on both ends that they are doing their bit to preserve the environment, as there is reduced utilization of available resources.
* Most cartridge refill service providers use locally available resources to refill the cartridges so that quicker deliveries can be made. This results in creation of jobs in the region. In developing and under-developed countries this assumes significance, where there is rampant unemployment.

There is a growing concern among global citizens regarding the preservation and conservation of our environment. We realize that our resources are depleting at a fast and irreversible pace. In the light of such environmental consciousness, the three Rs, namely, Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle acquire immense importance.

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