Choose a vps server over a shared server

Choose A VPS Server Over A Shared Server

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A VPS server is now considered to be the sensible alternative to higher priced dedicated servers, and even the low cost shared servers. With a VPS you can have all of the advantages that a dedicated server offers while you run on shared hardware. The way this is done is with virtualization software which can create and manage multiple virtual servers on one box.
The virtual server includes a predetermined memory size, disk size and network transfer. You are able to completely configure the environment according to your specific security and application needs.

The VPS server is then protected by the computer software from all other activities that are operating on the same hardware. This way, if another person’s application is complicated in any way the other servers will still function normally. Even if one server crashes, the others will not be affected in any way. Every partition basically acts as a standalone server, and isn’t affected in any way by outside visitors.

VPS has many advantages when compared to shared servers. There is a major disadvantage when it comes to using a shared server, which is the possible impact on the stability and efficiency of your system coming from those who share the space with you.
If someone you share space with experiences a bad crash, it is likely that the entire shared server is going to need a total re-boot, and possibly even a repair. Additionally, is someone else’s website starts getting really popular, they are going to start using up a lot of the shared resources, which will slow things down for your programs.

If there happens to be any sort of breach in security, everyone on a shared server is likely to be affected by it. This means that everyone has to hope for a quick response from the hosting company. Additionally, everyone is depending on the company to have the expertise required to effectively resolve the issue in a timely manner.

With a shared hosting account, you don’t get to be as responsible for your security as you would with VPS. If the people who manage or own the box you are on don’t do their job properly, you will likely suffer some irritating consequences.

With a virtual private server you don’t have to deal with these issues. Each virtual server is protected from the others by software that isolates the key resources that have been configured. Whatever amount of RAM it is configured with is what it will always have available, no matter what other virtual servers are using, even though all virtual servers are sharing the total pool of RAM. This type of isolation and protection is exactly why the word “private” exists in VPS.

There are always going to be some hosting plans that are better than others, especially when it comes to support and service. This is why you should always do a little research before choosing a company. Check into the company’s support and management terms in relation to your VPS server, as well as any costs associated with it when making your decision.

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