Cingular wireless reviews: technology of joint venture

Cingular Wireless Reviews - Technology Of Joint Venture

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Cingular is gaining popularity as a nationwide mobile phone carrier. Apart from other American carriers, Cingular makes use of GSM technology, used by nearly 70% of the mobile-using population in the world.

Advantages of Using GSM
Since every GSM phone needs a SIM card as storage of information like phone numbers, wireless networks and cell provider account, you can just switch from one GSM-enabled mobile to another.

Due to the PC communications feature wherein your phone is utilized as a modem, you can download phonebook entries and the like, acting as a standard for GSM phones.

Another advantage is that data communications like Internet browsing on your phone is well standardized with GSM.

Feedback about Cingular
Hundreds of people are switching to Cingular everyday. There are a lot of feedbacks saying it is the smallest and coolest mobile phones around lately.

They also have the cheapest 2-phone plan you could get for only $60 per month. You are guaranteed with 500 airtime minutes every month with the Family Talk plan. You can even roll this over to the following month if you were not able to use it. They also provide unlimited weekends/nights as well as mobile to mobile calling. They also have other plans also that could allow you more air time if you need it.

For those who want to retain their existing numbers with Cingular, you only need to port your number from your carrier to Cingular. Once you sign up, they will just notify your existing carrier about the change.
Whats good about Cingular is that if you are not happy with them, you can just switch back to your old carrier without incurring penalties. They also have friendly and knowledgeable agents you can talk to. In fact, they are even willing to give you their full name as well as their extension number.

When it comes to the signal, it does the best job as compared to other national carriers, especially for signals on major roads and outside big cities. This is because they have their own towers and they have agreements with other mobile providers. The quality of the signal is as good as Sprint.

The current plans and prices of Cingular are published on their website. They have plans that start at $60 per month, offering 500 minutes of airtime.

Cingular has a grace period of 30 days after the start of activation of your service. Within this time, you can choose to cancel your subscription if you are dissatisfied with the service, no questions asked. You woould not even incur penalties. Aside from this, if you want another phone, you can exchange it during that grace period.

Similar to most companies, you are provided with a website where you will be able to access your account online anytime. Here, you can check your billing, usage and other stuff.

Cingular has a referral program wherein for every customer referral you and your referred customer will receive a 425 Visa gift card.

Cingular really has a lot in stored for its clients. They continue to enhance and upgrade their services in order to satisfy their subscribers. Their customer service agents are trained to handle problems, talk about information regarding their products, and give professional billing assistances. For those who plan to shift to Cingular, you can even get discounted rates on their phones. They have different packages and plans; you just need to let them know what you need.

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