Cut down on your organization’s printing costs

Cut Down On Your Organization’s Printing Costs

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As the head of the department of office supplies of your organization, you might be worried about the spiraling cost of ink supplies used by your company. While modern day inkjet printers are cheaper to purchase than the trusted dot matrix printers, they eat up a lot of money in ink supplies. The new printer might have been sourced for a low cost but within a few weeks of heavy duty printing you have realized how costly these modern day printers are in the long run. You might be missing the dot matrix printers but they cannot produce the same quality images that your sales reports contain.

After all, the DPI of the inkjet printer is much more than that of the trusty dot matrix printers. The laser printers push the resolution up to 600 x 1200 DPI. While the output quality is excellent, one has to pay through their nose for the ink price and for the toner price. In such circumstances, your best option would be to refill the cartridges at office itself. Just hunt round the net and you will find many organizations that specialize in refilling kits. These kits permit you to fill up your empty cartridge at a fraction of the cost of purchasing a new one.

There are other means too of replacing your used ink cartridges at a lower cost… especially if you are not interested or dare not take the risk of refilling them yourself. There are many online stores that offer you good discounts on refilled cartridges and also on OEM cartridges too. Most such sites have discount coupons on their sites. On visiting such sites you will find that they have available cartridges for all makes of printers and that they also offer good discounts on such cartridges.

At times you might notice that there is an extra discount for the same type of cartridge. The reason behind is that these highly discounted cartridges are OEM compatible. This means that the cartridge is manufactured by some other organization, but as per the exact specifications of the original manufacturer. These are your best bet and cost you the least amount of money. Since the organizations manufacturing these OEM compatible cartridges do not have the same amount of overhead expenses as the original printer manufacturer, they can pass on these benefits to you and you end up paying a lower cost per cartridge.

There are many other aspects to this and if your organization uses many printers, it would be far cheaper to opt in for refilling the cartridges on site. Check out online for ink price and you will be amazed to see how less the ink costs per unit when you purchase it in bulk. You can find discount ink cartridges and the ink price at most online stores that stock and sell printer supplies. Within a few weeks of refilling cartridges by yourself, you will have recovered the cost of the ink price.

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