Decision support system: brief information

Decision Support System: Brief Information

Topics: Executive Support System, Clinical Decision Support

The plan of a DSS or Decision Support System is very broad and its meanings differ depending upon the writer’s point of view. A DSS could take a lot of different forms and the term could be utilized in a lot of different ways.

In a more exact way, it could be defined as:

“A flexible, interactive, and adaptable computer based info system, particularly developed for assisting the solution of a non structured management trouble for enhanced decision making. It uses data, gives an easy to utilize interface, and allows for the decision maker’s own opinions.”

DSS are computer based assistance for management decision makers who are dealing with semi structured troubles. With admiration to computer term, it could be defined as:

“Interactive computer based systems that assist decision makers use models and data to solve unstructured troubles.”

Though, it is not possible to provide an exact definition including the facets of the DSS. However, the term DSS remains an inclusive and useful term for a lot of types of info systems that help decision making. Each time a computerized system isn’t an OLTP or Online Transaction Processing System, somebody will be convinced to call it a DSS. As it could be see that there is no universally accepted meaning of DSS.

Additionally, a DSS also is a detailed Software application that aids to study data contained with a database. This move toward to customers is utilized when deciding on customer habits and target markets.


There are hypothetical possibilities of constructing such systems in some knowledge domain.
One of the cases is Clinical DSS for medical analysis. Other examples comprise a bank loan officer checking the credit of an applicant or an engineering company that has bids on a few projects and likes to know if they could be competitive with their expenses.

A perfect example is the CNR or Canadian National Railway system, which examines its equipment frequently using a DSS. A problem encountered by any railroad is defective or worn out rails, which could result in a lot of derailments yearly. Under a DSS, CN managed to lessen the derailment incidences at the same time other firms were experiencing a raise.

DSS has a lot of applications that have been spoken about. Nevertheless, it can be utilized in any field where organization is required. In addition, a DSS could be designed to assist make decisions on stock market, or making a decision on which segment or area to market a product toward. DSS has unlimited possibilities that could be utilized anytime and anywhere, for its decision making needs.

Material relevant to business could be found at like Executive Support System and Clinical Decision Support.

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