Do you still use a copy center?

Do You Still Use A Copy Center?

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The digital world has really changed the way we do business on a daily basis. There have been many industries that have been affected in a negative way. However, one that has survived through all of this is the copy center. While we all have the ability to create things at home or in the office, most of us do not have the ability to make copies at a rapid rate. When you need to have a lot of copies it is far cheaper to do that at the copy center than it is to pay for the ink to print all of the copies from our home printer. In addition, the amount of time it would take from the home printer is ridiculously long compared to running to the copy place and doing it there.

Because there is still a significant value in using the copy place, it has survived through all of the advancements in technology. Certainly an option that some people use instead of the copy place is to email the document to everyone and have them print their own copy. However, that does not work well for larger quantities because not everyone had their own printer at home and not all will print their own. Emailing may work for the smaller quantities of friends, but when you are talking about getting some information that needs to be on a hard copy to a full school of parents or something of that nature it is not feasible. In that case, it is still best to go to a copy place to make all of the copies that you need.

The local copy center, like most others I presume, have also found ways to add value to their business so that they have other services that you cannot duplicate at home easily. For example, they may offer laminating of really large things or mailing services. These kinds of services along with others allow them to have more value than just making copies. This brings additional value into their business model and makes them even more profitable and valuable as a business.
While the advancement of technology is taking out some industries, the copy industry has found ways to remain valuable. Of course, they will likely continue to find other services they can offer that make sense with the copy industry so they will continue to add value and fortify their business against the technology.

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