Electronics recycling bonanza? here’s a service billions of computer owners all need!

Electronics Recycling Bonanza? Here’s A Service Billions Of Computer Owners All Need!

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The recycling business can be very profitable. Sure, it’s not glamorous, but with people working to recycle all sorts of household items on a daily basis, the market is wide open for new services that help consumers safely get rid of their recyclable goods and other junk.

One market which seems to have been overlooked is computer recycling. It’s true that there are tens of thousands of recycling centers across the USA that allow computer owners to recycle their computer, but are they really helping customers to do it in a safe way?

Considering that many people simply drop off their old computer without seeing their hard drive destroyed first hand, the answer is no.

Every day thousands of computers with functioning hard drives are recycled with the hard drive intact, which opens up the computer owner to all sorts of possibilities of privacy invasion and ID theft. Think about how much information is stored on hard drives! Old pictures, old documents, website passwords just to name a few. Luckily there is a solution, and one which can help recyclers add big profits to their bottom line and help consumers avoid problems.

A portable hard drive destroyer is a little machine that can be located in a small corner of any recycling center. It punches a hole in hard drives, rendering the data unusable.

The whole process takes less than 30 seconds, and recycling center owners can charge anywhere from $3 - $15 for this service. When you consider that the privacy of the data on the hard drive could be worth thousands of dollars to the consumer, then one begins to see that paying a few bucks to use one of these machines on your old hard drive is really a no-brainer.

If a computer recycling business handles 5 computers per day and gets just 2 or 3 customers to use this service, it is easy math to see how it could add up to big profits. Not to mention, the unit is portable, and many businesses have thousands of hard drives which need to be safely disposed of.

In fact, with just a couple of jobs destroying hard drives for a big business, like a local bank, an electronics recycling business could make back their investment on this machine and reap nice profits quickly.

Billions of personal computers are in circulation today, and at some point, every one of them will need to go to the dump. There could be big profits in helping these computer owners dispose of their hard drives safely.

Gabe Sacher is a publicist for The Document Shredding Directory at www.document-shredding.org can find more information about hard drive destroyers at the site.
You can also use the form at www.document-shredding.org to find a hard drive disposal service in your area.

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