Empty inkjet printer ink cartridge recycling ways

Empty Inkjet Printer Ink Cartridge Recycling Ways

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Many ink cartridges can be used several times over by going through a process of being “remanufactured”. This process consists of cleaning, servicing, refilling, testing and repackaging used cartridges. By remanufacturing (also referred to as recycling), inkjet cartridge suppliers are able to provide a cheaper alternative product to an original cartridge, whilst at the same time limiting the number of cartridges which are thrown away and put into “land fill sites”.

Many suppliers therefore run a collection program where they pay for empty/used cartridges. In addition to helping save the environment they also make a donation to charity for each empty cartridge we collect.

Financial Rewards:

Sourcing a reputable inkjet cartridge supplier can even net you a reward. Some companies will give you up to $4.00 for every suitable empty cartridge which you send to be recycled. So don’t throw your empty cartridges away - send them to be recycled and turn them into money as well as knowing you have done your bit to help save the planet!!!

How to Recycle Ink Cartridges:

Collect as may empty ink cartridges as you can, from wherever you can. Ask your family, friends, and work colleagues to collect them for you. Some people set up collection schemes simply to raise money for clubs or charities by making use of something which would normally be thrown away. This is a great idea to involve club and charity members.

When sending empty cartridges to a specified company, the following guidelines are advisable:
1. Wrap each cartridge in paper (this can be old newspaper) and put it inside a plastic bag. This will minimize the possibility of surplus ink leaking out onto the outer packaging.
2. Remember that each cartridge is to be remanufactured and resold so the casing needs to be in perfect condition. To ensure no damage is incurred whilst in transit, place all the ink cartridges in a bubble bag or, for large quantities, use a box.
3. Please complete the appropriate form which will usually be downloadable from the website of the remanufacturing company and include it in the package. Failure to include your details and details of the cartridges often results in the inability to process the empties.
4. Once the remanufacturer has received the cartridges, along with the required details, they then credit your account with their value and this will then be deducted from your next purchase of compatible or genuine inkjet cartridges.
5. If the cartridges sent are valued at more than $20, you can opt to have a direct transfer into your bank account as an alternative to being given a credit which is excellent when raising money for a club or charity.
How much do I get?

The value of empty cartridges fluctuates from week to week so the pricing will change periodically. It is mostly the case that the prices you are paid will be the ones applicable on the day your cartridges are received and will be for empty original cartridges (virgin cartridges). Some recyclers and manufacturers will accept non virgin cartridges which are those that have already been remanufactured.

Please note, non virgin cartridges are usually only valued at around 10% of the virgin value. It is also important to check which brand and type of cartridges can be recycled by the company prior to being sent as those not on the list and not remanufactured into compatible inkjet cartridges they will be thrown away and not be returned.

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