Get free game downloads from top gaming sites

Get Free Game Downloads From Top Gaming Sites

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Freeware games refer to those types of games that you can download for free from certain websites as executable file, and then run to install in your PC. Freeware games can be played for as long as you want, and can be run and installed in other PCs.

There are a lot of top websites that offer free game downloads, most of which are dedicated to freeware games. Some of these websites are legitimate, while others conceal malware with the free games that they offer for download. In terms of your PC security, downloading freeware games come with a greater threat compared to say, playing online games, because what you are downloading are executable files. It is therefore so easy for websites to mask malware as freeware games. Once you download and install the games, you also activate the malware.

To be sure, you should only download free games from reputable websites, such as the following:
- This website is a revival of its predecessor that closed down last 2008. It offers freeware games although its library is not as extensive as the previous website. The site looks promising nonetheless, because the library is expanding by the day.

- Acid-Play is considered by the gaming community as among the most reliable source of freeware games. Its library has almost 1,000 free game downloads. Navigating the site is easy as well. The home page features 10 of the newest additions to its library, with a short description of each game. Better yet, the games that are featured have all been reviewed and rated-a helpful resource for anyone who wishes to download.

- HomeOfTheUnderdogs.Net and There are currently two sites operating with The Home of The Underdogs banner. One is a virtual revival of the old site, while the other is being built with a different look and feel. Home of the Underdogs features freeware, with a library of more than 5,000 titles. Most classic gamers who missed the titles of yore will be surprised to find old-school games here. The site aims to promote PC games that are good but underrated. Aside from freeware, the site also has a great collection of abandonware. These are old titles that are free for the moment, but are subject to removal from the site library in the event that the holder of the intellectual property right requests so.

- Planet Freeplay is another reliable source for good freeware games. Its current library size is 1,500 game titles. But its library has a mix of free game downloads and free online games. The home page also displays the newest titles at the center, with a short preview screenshot and brief description. On the left panel, there is the master list featuring all the game titles and a list of the genres available.

These are just four of the top-rated websites that offer free game downloads. A last word of caution: it is better to read the game reviews first before you download any freeware. Most of the responsible members of the gaming community take time out to warn potential victims of malware and other harmful downloads. So seek their advice and be safe.

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