How to back up computer files: some tips and tricks not to lose important files again

How To Back Up Computer Files - Some Tips And Tricks Not To Lose Important Files Again

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One of the challenges of having everything stored in your computer is that, you can also lose them all at an instant once your PC is infected with a virus or your machine crashes. Of course, you have to face the consequences if your important data cannot be retrieved at all after the crash.

Before getting into the trouble of retrieving lost data, here are some tips and tricks on how to back up computer files.

If you are using the latest Windows 7 operating system, creating a backup of your important files may be a little easier. Windows 7 allow you to schedule your backup and it will automatically back up your files to another drive, to a network or to a DVD, depending on your choice. This is indeed an easier way to create backups especially if you are connected to a network.

One of the most popular ways to make a backup of your files these days especially if you have lots of music and videos, is to copy them in CDs or DVDs. With DVDs having large storage capacities, they are also becoming popular backup devices and are light to bring around. Just always make sure to label your DVDs to help you identify what files are stored in them.

Another way of storing your files is to attach them to your email. Emails now have a bigger storage capacity that allows you to attach large files as well. Although this option may not work in storing your favorite games and may work slower in attaching or storing them online.

Storing online is indeed one good way to back up your files and make them accessible anywhere. For as long as you have the internet connection, you will be able to access your backup data. Aside from attaching them to your emails, you can also find great sites that offer online storage. Some of them may provide free online services to a limited backup size but may require a fee for large ones. Online storage sites also have big-capacity servers that allow you to store bigger files as well.

One downside with online storage sites though is that, even if how secured these sites are, you can never be sure of unscrupulous individuals who would try to pry on your important documents. Another downside to this, is that, the speed of accessing your online backup data depends on your internet speed as well.

If you want to make sure and have your backup data with you, you can also use your external hard drive and your high-storage capacity USB flash drive. These are convenient to bring around and you can access for as long as you have a PC.

Learning how to back up computer files is not difficult. Usually it only involves drag and drop of files to your destination device. Keep in mind too that spending a little time to back up your files now can save you a lot of trouble later if your PC crashes, so don’t ignore having a backup always.

Carolyn Anderson wants to share tips to save you from the hassles of losing files. To help you create your backup, check out how to Also check out, a tool that protects your privacy by erasing any internet history in your PC.

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