How to back up your files: 6 ways to back up your important files

How To Back Up Your Files - 6 Ways To Back Up Your Important Files

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One of the most ignored responsibilities of every computer owner is having a backup of their computer files. Learning how to back up your files is not hard but most people tend to ignore it until they come to a point of losing a very important data and not being able to retrieve it.

If you don’t want this to happen, here are ways on how to back up your files.

1. Store them in your other PC. If you have more that one PC, you can store important on each other by zipping them of course, to minimize disk usage. One downside to this is that, it eats up a lot of disk space in your PC and may slow it down.

2. Copy them in DVDs. One of the easiest ways to back up your files is to store them in DVDs or CDs. DVDs have higher storage capacity than CDs, thus you may want to choose the first option to make it less bulkier if you want to bring along your backup data if you go on traveling.

3. Attach them in your email, or send them to your second email address. One of the free ways to store your files and data online is to send them to your second email as an attachment. Emails these days support large attachments and have larger storage capacity, so you can also take advantage of that as your online storage. Another good thing about it is you can access your files everywhere for as long as you have internet access.

4. Use online storage sites. Although most of these sites collect a fee or storage, some may also offer a limited but free storage. For as long as your files do not exceed the limit of the free service, you can avail of this online storage without any costs. However, if you want to make your files secure in one place and you want it to be accessible online, availing of online storage sites can also be a good option. Some of these sites also even allow you to share files from one computer to another if you wish to do so.

5. Use your external hard drive. Portable external hard drives are also great storage for your files and data. They are portable so you can also enjoy the convenience of bringing it around and they have much bigger capacity than DVDs, so you wouldn’t be bringing a lot of them too.

6. USB Flash drives. If you want something portable, with high storage capacity but a lot smaller than an external hard drive, your high-capacity USB flash drive would be the most convenient way on how to back up your files. With high-capacity USB flash drives now in the market, you can indeed store a good amount of backup data on it. Just make sure you are not also carrying around with it a virus infection.

Carolyn Anderson makes sure she has a good backup of her files. If you want to store everything on a DVD, check out this Also check out, a great tool to help you create a backup for your favorite games.

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