How to choose the best digital photo album editing software

How To Choose The Best Digital Photo Album Editing Software

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It’s official…digital photo albums are hot. While traditional paper scrapbooking remains wildly popular, it’s being eclipsed by the 40 million or so “instant scrapbookers” who use electronic software to create their projects. Are you among these “digiscrappers” looking for the best digital photo album editing software? Let’s look at the features you’ll want to consider before you buy.

Features of the Best Digital Photo Album Editing Software Products

1. How easy is it to use?

The best photo editing software is powerful, yet simple. It is easy to navigate, with clear guidance on how to start and move through a project. Look for a program that has a “wizard” tool that takes you step by step through the project. You’ll learn as you go, and each time you do a project you’ll add more and more creative touches.

2. How much creative freedom does it offer?

For beginners, it’s great to be able to choose a template, add your own photos and other touches, and print a finished page. Once you get used to working with one of these digital programs, you’ll want to expand your creative efforts.

Make sure whatever program you purchase has a large library of graphics, images, embellishments and other special touches so you can expand your creativity and produce truly unique and memorable projects.

3. Can you edit digital photos for the album on the fly?

Having an integrated photo editor is a key component of photo editing software. This makes it simple to load your photo, edit and enhance it, and save it into your project, without needing to leave the program.

If you choose a program that does not have this feature, I guarantee you’ll be frustrated having to use a separate photo editor, bouncing back and forth between programs.

4. What kind of output does it offer?

Sometimes you’ll want to print actual pages to add to your existing photo albums. Other times, you might want to send the file to a book binder to have a hard bound photo book created. The best digital photo editing software won’t restrict you. Be sure the one you choose has full integration with both home printers and professional printing services, so you can create the finished product of your choosing.

Dive into the world of digital photo albums, and choose editing software that guides you through the technical work so your imagination can soar!

Jen Abell-Champion reviews and writes about popular desktop publishing software solutions. To find out more about her recommendation of the month visit: Best Digital Photo Album Editing Software

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