How to mount your plasma or lcd tv on the wall

How To Mount Your Plasma Or LCD TV On The Wall

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You have been going around in the market to find the best Plasma or LCD TV that you can afford. You have watched the demonstration of both the TVs and now you have decided to buy one. It will never be proper just to buy one of these TVs without having thought of the place in your room where you want to install your TV.

You also have no clue as to whether you want to have your new TV on a stand, on the wall, or tilt/non-tilt. At the same time the most important of all is the dimension of the TV’s screen size. As you know that the screen size of your fat screen TV that you are just about to buy has some co-relation with the size of your room. Too large a screen in a smaller room will never give you that optimum viewing.

If you should be choosing to mount your TV on the wall, it is not an easy job as it sounds. There are things to consider, such as, whether you need your mount to be adjustable once your TV is mounted on the wall. To make you aware of the kinds of mount that you can use, there are four types of mounts and these are -

- The most basic one which is called the fixed mount.
- Tilt mount.
- Mount with tilt and swivel mechanism.
- Articulated arm mounts.

Now let us examine each of them.

The first type of mount is the simplest and the basic mount that you can have. This is the cheapest when compared to all others and this sort of mount just holds the TV rigidly on to the wall without any movement. Therefore, you would use this kind of mount once you are certain that you have decided your exact viewing position.

The next kind of wall mount by itself suggests that you not only can tilt your TV but also move it up and down. This kind of wall mounting is a little more expensive that the fixed wall mounts. You would choose this sort of mount when you would want to want to watch your TV from different positions. This kind of wall mount is often used where you need to move your wall mounted TV to avoid glares from your window or other light source.

The third type adds horizontal swivel along with the features of the second one. With this feature a sophisticated arm is used to add horizontal swivel to your TV adding a good bit of flexibility to your wall mount. With this kind of mounting of your TV you can move around your furniture in the room without disturbing your viewing position.

Lastly you have articulated wall mounts. This feature provides you with great flexibility to move your wall mounted TV to be folded away nearest to the wall or pull the TV forward from the wall and position it to the best viewing spot you have in your room. The TV is usually folded back on to the wall when not in use. Some people would like to watch the TV kept in a room while you are perhaps in another room wanting to watch the TV while having breakfast. These sorts of mounts are complicated and are more expensive to install compared to the others.

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