How to recycle your computer hardware

How To Recycle Your Computer Hardware

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As computers become more and more important in business organizations, there would always come a time when your computer hardware would need to be discarded to make room for more powerful ones. But just as any materials used today, computer hardware such as printers, monitors and even your hard drive can be recycled.

Here are just some ways how to recycle your computer hardware and gain from it.

Bring them to recycle center

Many of the components of your computer can be recycled and reused for making other materials. Instead of just merely dumping these in your trash bin, head off to your local recycling center and have these recycled. This is beneficial to the environment because this would decrease the amount of E-waste currently being dumped in landfill areas. Depending on your location, some recycling center offer pick up services where a representative would pick up your old computer hardware from your home or office. So make sure you contact your local recycling center to check if they offer this service.

Reuse your hard drive

Although computer hardware such as motherboards needs to be replaced and upgraded in order to make your computer more powerful, there are some computer hardware parts that can still be used after the upgrade. One example is your hard drive. After upgrading your computer, you can request your hard drive to be installed by your computer technician. This would be able to provide you with more storage space for all your computer files in the future.

Auction them on eBay

Used computer parts such as motherboards, sound cards, video cards and the like may no longer be needed after upgrading your computer. But this does not mean that these should just be discarded. In fact, you can actually earn a few extra dollars by auctioning these parts over online auction sites such as eBay. There are many other computer users out there that are just looking for the very same parts that you have discarded. Same goes for printer ink cartridges - since many individuals and company are looking for empty cartridges to refill.

Donate to charity

If you will be purchasing brand new computers for your office needs and the old computers are still in good working condition, you can opt to donate these computers to local charities. Even today, there are still a number of people in the United States and other parts of the world that are unable to enjoy the benefits of computers.

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