How to shop for inkjet printer cartridges

How To Shop For Inkjet Printer Cartridges

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When shopping for inkjet printer cartridges online keep in mind that postage can add significantly to the cost of a single inkjet cartridge. In some cases the cost of postage can be as much as the cost of the inkjet printer cartridge effectively doubling the price you pay. While this is still often cheaper and more convenient than going to your local office supply shop or newsagent to buy your inkjet cartridges it’s not really the best way to maximise your shopping experience.

Instead you should always buy a minimum of two especially if you tend to buy printer cartridges on a regular basis.

If you don’t buy printer cartridges very often then why not combine an order with a friend or group of friends and split the shipping costs.

Don’t get caught short

Have you ever noticed that your inkjet printer cartridge always runs out of ink just when an important document is half way through printing? This means you have to rush out to the nearest stationery shop and pay through the nose for a replacement printer cartridge. The solution to this is simple. Always have a replacement printer cartridge stored in your draw or on the shelf so you can replace it straight away. Then reorder another cartridge straight away. That way you never have to wait or worry if for some reason your printer cartridge delivery is delayed in the postal system.

Choosing a printer

When shopping for an inkjet printer you should ensure that you take into account the cost and availability of replacement inkjet cartridges. In particular look the availability of compatible inkjet cartridges which will save you substantially over the life of the printer. Remember that OEM inkjet printer cartridges often exceed the cost of the printer after the purchase of a few replacement cartridges.

Register and Join the mailing list

Most Internet shops give you the option of joining a mailing list and registering when you make your first purchase. Registering saves time as you are not required enter your details every time you visit. The mailing list gives you access to information about regular specials and product updates and information. They are often researching the market to bring you the best available products at the best prices. Stay up to date the easy way. Just remember to check their privacy policy to ensure that they won’t sell or pass on your contact information to any one else.

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