Keeping the money flowing with epos in the uk

Keeping The Money Flowing With EPOS In The UK

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Electronic Point Of Sale - It is basically the term used to describe any form of till, checkout or cash point in a shop. This has sometimes been abbreviated as EPOS to allow technical individuals to explain briefly and efficiently what piece of equipment they are experiencing an issue with.

There has been many different Electronic Point of Sale system used over the years. One of the first system of EPOS UK customers got to see was back in 1974 when the first peer to peer communications system was created to manage the transfer of funds from consumer to company. This system designed mainly by IBM utilised many of the same technologies that we rely on today for systems of EPOS.

UK companies were treated to a system which featured a local area network, remote initialisation and a simultaneous backup. It revolutionised the way that shops around the country utilised their payment systems. More modern version of the system of EPOS UK customers utilise on a daily basis are based around a windows or Unix system and most feature a GUI or graphical user interface and touch screen technology that allows the checkout assistant to work at a greatly improved rate.

The latest evolution of EPOS UK clients are being asked to trial is the self service systems. These are basically mini checkouts with computerised touch screens and barcode scanners. Consumers arrive at one of these terminals with a basket full of product before scanning their products over a barcode scanner and placing each item into the bagging area. In the bagging area there is a weighing scale which ensures that no product is placed into the bag that hasn’t been paid for.

Once the full checkout procedure has been completed, the user can then select a payment method, this may include the use of coupons or discount cards before the remainder of payment is made on either credit/debit card or through cash.

Things certainly have changed in our shops and stores over the last thirty six years, but one thing has remained constant and that is the fact that there is always a need for an electronic point of sale system, and just as much as there is a need for EPOS systems there is a need for support companies to provide technical assistance for EPOS.

UK companies are lucky to have the benefit of having a number of trained professionals ready to deal with these situations right on their doorsteps. Most IT support professionals these days have a degree of experience in managing and maintaining EPOS systems. If you need to find one then look online to find your nearest electronic point of sale support company.

Dominic Donaldson is a business analyst with many years of experience in the financial industry. Find out more about EPOS UK at

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