Learning management system selection guide

Learning Management System Selection Guide

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The key to picking the right learning management system course is finding the right combination. It is not always in your best interest to pick an extremely complex and meticulously created course with high tech modules and flash-based animation. Everything should be balanced in regards to delivery, presentation and of course content. However, you also do not want non-engaging, boring and one dimensional content.

So let’s think about what your objectives and goals are for your course. First, why use an LMS to distribute your courses? Secondly what does it provide that differentiates it from other systems? The right combination of software applications make a powerful learning management system, you first need to determine the right combination for your purposes.

So ask yourself a few questions. What features are you looking for? Would your students benefit from tools made available such as video content or demos and simulations? Is there specific material that would be best taught utilizing visual and audio media? If you are looking for your system to have some a Flash-based application, an example would be Rapid Intake Unison, which content creators or course writer experts to capture, storyboard, develop, review, test, and publish Flash-based learning content.

These applications are user-friendly even for people who are not tech savvy, and only require content creators to fill out a template that will create interactive Flash-based courses, tests, quizzes, learning games, demos, and simulations. Along with specific multimedia features another thing to consider is timeline and what your goal for training completion. Keep in mind what is feasible for the students to accomplish as well as the availability of the individual administering the training in regards to time daily, weekly or even monthly to this training initiative.

Utilize all the valuable tools that your LMS has provided you with such as automated grading. This enables assessments to regularly be conducted without taking all the instructor’s time with overwhelming amounts of grading.

Without regular assessments of knowledge and comprehension, it is very likely training or education will not actually be employed. Besides interactive courses, the best way to ensure students are comprehending and accruing knowledge is to regularly assess what they have learned by quizzing them and gauging the success of the material. A learning management system is able to assist instructors and content creators to achieve their training goals without breaking the bank and within a time efficient manner.

Create and distribute engaging online training courses using an easy to use and scalable learning management system. Visit www.coggno.com for more information.

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