Legal ds game downloads

Legal DS Game Downloads

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If you are like many other parents, then your child is driving you crazy asking to be allowed to download games for their DS. The children asking have no idea what they are asking about. They simply see games they want. They see the word free and think all is well. As a parent you need to be informed. First, if something is free that doesn’t mean it is a good thing.

Free DS game downloads rarely work properly and are very likely infected with spyware, adware and viruses. Just because the Nintendo DS is not a computer doesn’t mean it can not be infected with the same things your computer can be infected with. For the sake of your child’s DS, it is best not to get free DS game downloads. That is, unless you want your child whining that their DS doesn’t work anymore, and they want a new one. How many of you want to buy a new Nintendo DS?

There are other ways to download DS games as well. You can get them from torrents or P2P sites, however these too will be loaded with adware, spyware and likely viruses as well. These are also likely illegal. That really isn’t something you want to be getting into over a DS game, is it?

The best thing you can do is purchase legal DS game downloads for your child. It might cost you a little money, but this is a far cheaper option than buying a new Nintendo DS. As a parent you know how costly those hand held game systems are even if your child doesn’t. They just want their games to work. You think about the cost as well as keeping what they have in good condition. Just like when you bought that NERF case to keep the DS in so it wouldn’t get broken - again. DS games are a whole lot of fun and can bring a whole new dimension to DS gaming, however you want to be sure you get the games in a legal, safe way. So be careful from where you get DS downloads!

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