Making connecting with your customers easier with find me follow me

Making Connecting With Your Customers Easier With Find Me Follow Me

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If you are like many corporate players, chances are that you aren’t chained to your desk 90% of the time. You have meetings with staff, conferences with partners, hands on inspections of different projects and working lunches with clients. You juggle dozens of people’s needs for your guidance, assistance and leadership - and meanwhile, it seems that a dozen more are always trying to reach you.

Trying to catch you can be hard for co-workers or customers, especially when you are on the go. The busier you are, the higher the risk of missing an important phone call at a crucial point in project planning or client negotiations. Imagine people scrambling to find your cell number when your office phone goes to voicemail, then trying your home when you don’t answer your cell, then dialing back the office number to leave a voice message - hoping and praying you get it.

All of this can be simplified through your business phone system, with a simple, easy to use call routing feature that keeps you available to the people who need to reach you. You won’t miss another sales or client call as long as everyone can locate you using ‘find me, follow me’.

Your hosted PBX business phone system may let you (and your staff) select numbers you can be reached at, and load them into the system in a particular order. For example, if you have home, office and cell numbers, simply select one as your primary / default number, then list the other numbers you will accept calls at. You choose the order of the numbers, enabling you to prioritize according to your preferred method of contact.

If you choose to have your office phone be your primary number, the PBX system could always ring that one first. If you don’t pick up at your desk, it could be set to try the next number on your list (for example, your cell phone number), then your home phone, and so-on. If there is no answer at any of your numbers, the call might even be automatically routed back to voicemail. You can even add in a number that dials your ’second in command’ in case you are unreachable.

The beautiful thing about automatic find me follow me call forwarding is that all of your existing phones can be used - there is no special equipment to buy, and it doesn’t matter if you have different carriers or service providers for all of your different numbers. The hosted PBX service will simply direct calls to the appropriate phone numbers in the order you select, and if you are unavailable you can simply retrieve the message from voicemail at your convenience.

The advantages to automated call forwarding include the ability to let customers and team members stay in touch without the aggravation of having to work their way manually through a list of phone numbers. One call automatically runs through all the possibilities until you answer, and if they get voicemail, they know you are really busy - and will get back to them as soon as possible. You’ll never miss an important call again!

Andrew is a tech and software as a service enthusiast. He enjoys spreading the word about great business phone services, and talking about features that continually help evolve the world of corporate communications.

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