Marketing online: cool tips you might overlook

Marketing Online - Cool Tips You Might Overlook

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From a promotional point of view, when you create a website, just like any other marketing event in the past, it’s an event. So you launch a website and your internet marketing online campaign. So that is in effect an excuse to talk to people. It’s an excuse to talk to partners, joint venture partners. The number one way to get people to your site is joint venture communication. Whether it is an email blast, whether it’s a joint venture tele seminar, whether it’s in a newsletter, whether it’s articles, really it comes down to a bunch of questions.

The first question I ask is, what can we do for free? It doesn’t really cost you anything to call somebody you know who has a list of two million people and say, we’re launching a new site and we’re giving everyone a free Taco if they go there. That you can essentially do for free. Generally we want to do something that doesn’t cost us any money.

I work with a site that gives away free e books. They have thousands of e books to give away. You can go to that site and upload an e book for $20. That site gets twelve million hits a month. It gets 360,000 unique visitors. It gets 1200 - 1500 subscribers a day. Find a high traffic site and then put your free stuff there.

Everyone knows the big stadiums where they play football and soccer and whatever else. The concept here is when your doing your internet marketing online, I call it the hot dog theory of marketing. It cost $350,000,000 to build the stadium. It cost $150,000,000 to buy the football team. It cost $70,000,000 a year to market the team. It cost $2,000,000 to market this weekend’s game. You know who I want to be? I want to be the hot dog vendor who makes $1200 a day selling a $2 item that the customer does most of the work for and builds and customizes it for themselves and it’s low risk, low inventory.

When it’s all said and done, I attach my cart to my van and drive away. The hot dog theory of marketing is put your low, cost free stuff in the path of marketing that others have spent millions of dollars on.

I think getting in that slipstream of what someone else is doing is good. One thing we also do along those lines is if you look at, depending on what products you’re promoting, who’s about to launch a book, who’s about to launch a product, what are you seeing on the news and then you’re going for it. People are eating up this offline media and where do they go to find out more? They go online and they search for those keywords.

A lot of times these new breaking trends people aren’t necessarily optimizing for. So you can leverage off all these big boys that are out there marketing it and be there when the user is searching for it and then hopefully your solution can solve that or you point them onto a way to solve their problem.

What you really need to do is recognize when you’re looking at keyword searches for example. So Michael Jackson’s death got a lot of coverage and so on. Because I teach internet radio and I teach to create content that lasts a long time, I put it in my Twitter Radio Money Coach (that’s my Twitter for the radio stuff we do.) It said ‘Michael Jackson is immortal, because he created quality content that’s going to outlive him.’ You need to create quality content for your radio show.

On average, when I post a Twitter, I’ll get two to three people follow me. When I did the Michael Jackson one or I do one that’s around keywords, not necessarily directly related to industry so the music pop industry isn’t necessarily directed to the internet marketing talk radio podcasting industry. But by linking them with a current event, you get the people who are looking for that anyway, finding you.

If you go to Twitter, right now the trending topics are, she looks good but he looks good but flash forward Kanye West. If I was attracting customers, I would say something like ‘I would never hire someone like Kanye West to be a spokesman for my company. This is a risk.

Some people say, get a spokesperson. If you don’t feel comfortable on TV or video online, get a spokesperson. What are the risks of a spokesperson? He may be an idiot and get up on the stage at the Emmys and interrupt somebody’s acceptance speech. He may be accused of a crime.’

So you tie in your tips to the current event keyword with your internet marketing online and that will drive traffic to your site.

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