Metro ethernet internet line bandwidth business solutions

Metro Ethernet Internet Line Bandwidth Business Solutions

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Business Networking and Internet communications are very important aspects in business. There are varying network technologies available today that most businesses use, which rely on either DSL, T1 line service, Internet T3 lines, or some other type of optical fiber or copper connection.

Carrier Ethernet now is expanding in popularity. Businesses that use Metro Ethernet Internet have an advantage over other Internet services. It offers quick and reliable access speeds, while keeping lower operating costs than other networking technologies.

The technology comes from a proven track record for the Ethernet standard. With this standard, it is possible to connect your business to its satellite offices, to your clients, and to the Internet. With Ethernet service, it is possible to create an intranet over the coverage of the computer network. With high-speed data bandwidth capacity, it can transmit and expedite large amounts of data.

Metro Ethernet service offers dependable connectivity and high-speed Internet service with simplified connections and low priced service. This is what is attractive for most businesses who want to connect using this type of ISP. With lower costs compared to T1 lines, it offers great value to business users who want their business to get connected and stay online.

Less expensive service cost means that your business can have huge savings while maintaining its connectivity. Its low cost does not mean it has sacrificed its quality though. It can have high-speeds ranging from less than 10 megabits per second up to a maximum of 1000 Mbps (GigE) or more. These speeds are comparable to bonded T1 lines, DS3 Lines and Optical Carrier Ciruits, but without the inherent protocols involved.

This service offers a connection to bridge the gap between you and your client. VPNs, Point to Points, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), and streaming video taxes most internet connections. Having a reliable and speedy connection like Metro Ethernet can give you more satisfied customers.

If the network comes offline it can be a disaster especially if you are still transferring important data. Carrier Ethernet Providers offers (D.R.) disaster recovery solutions to help you get back online in no time. Metro Ethernet also has a simplified network structure. The IT staff just needs to worry about one protocol. No conversion or translation is needed to get your data across your whole network.

Ethernet offers superior flexibility and scalability. The bandwidth can be dynamically increased to adapt to the users who really need the added speed. Specialized equipment is not needed since it is still based on the Ethernet standard, which almost all computers and networks have implemented. IT operators only need to understand the basic fundamentals of Internet Protocol (IP) to troubleshoot any problems that may be encountered by the IP network.

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