Reasons to wear safety sunglasses

Reasons To Wear Safety Sunglasses

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A lot of outdoor functions require a pair of safety glasses. But most of the time, being outside means being in bright sunlight. So should you squint and protect your eyes? Or see clearly with sunglasses, but risk that flying debris will break through the lenses and harm your eyes? Well, no one should have to make those kinds of decisions, and thankfully someone thought of combining both functions in one pair of eyewear.

With a pair of safety sunglasses, your eyes will be protected from the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun, you will not have to squint in order to see properly, and you can rest assured that nothing will penetrate the lenses and damage your eyes.

Depending on the outdoor activities you enjoy, you will want to carefully select the protective eyewear that is manufactured to complement those activities. For example, if you want your protective eyewear mainly for driving purposes, there are certain characteristics of them that make driving much more enjoyable. Usually safety sunglasses made for glasses will come with bronze or brown tinted lenses. These shades enhance vision, depth perception, and contrast, while reducing the foggy appearances of hazy blue light that typically becomes a problem around dusk.

Of course, you may need a pair that will withstand a more aggressive environment. The military provides an extreme example of circumstances that require highly impact-resistant safety sunglasses. The military requires that the protective eyewear pass strict ballistic testing if they are to be worn by military personnel. Men and women in the armed forces face the risk of high velocity impacts, and they need a pair built to withstand these impacts.

Some of the other activities that require these types of protective eyewear include motorcycling, landscaping, construction, and hunting or target shooting. While you might prefer a one-application-fits-all approach, there might be certain functions of the safety sunglasses that you prefer to have over others. For example, some safety sunglasses come with anti-fog technology built into the lenses. When the temperature changes and becomes more humid, fog can interfere with visibility, and it may be tempting to lose the safety sunglasses. But then you lose the protection, and why have them in the first place if that is going to be the case? If you find yourself outdoors as the sun rises, or as morning becomes afternoon, then anti-fog safety sunglasses might be best for you.

All safety sunglasses come in a variety of shades, tints, and designs suited to fit your individual style. Most come in the wraparound design because it is the most attractive way to protect the sides of your eyes; however there are a few alternatives if that option does not suit your tastes. The most important thing to remember is to find safety sunglasses that you want to wear.

Matthew Mckernan is an expert in prescription safety glasses for over 20 years.

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