Recycle ink cartridges to reduce natural resource consumption

Recycle Ink Cartridges To Reduce Natural Resource Consumption

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Recycling empty inkjet cartridges is an easy way for us to help to reduce the natural resources we consume.

Here are 5 of the best reasons to recycle your empty inkjet cartridges.

Shockingly, almost 3 entire pounds of resources involved in production are saved when a cartridge is recycled.

Secondly, for every inkjet cartridge that is recycled, an average of 3.5 oz. of oil will be saved. With the worldwide demand for oil on the rise and supplies shrinking, a little effort can make a significant impact over time.

The third reason you should recycle or reuse your empty inkjet cartridges is to reduce the strain on local landfills. An inkjet cartridge does not biodegradable in a landfill, as other waste will over time. Once a cartridge is discarded, it will be there for several hundred years. Did you know that over 300 million printer cartridges are thrown away each year? This generates 75,000 tons of waste annually.

The forth reason is that recycled and re manufactured inkjet cartridges save money. When you recycle your empty cartridges you provide empty cores to companies that can refill these cartridges, and put them back on the market at a discounted price. Empty inkjet cartridges are not broken, they are simply out of ink. It’s like putting new batteries into your flashlight.

Finally, recycling your empty inkjet cartridge can be quick and painless. Many companies out there that sell cartridges locally or online have her recycling program.

A popular method for end users to recycle inkjet cartridges is through the use of postage paid return envelopes that are sometimes included with an online inkjet cartridge purchase.

A return mailer (recycle envelope) is generally a self-sealing plastic bag that is pre-addressed to a recycling company. The consumer puts their empty inkjet cartridge into the bag, seals it, and drops it off at a post office or any mailbox. The postage is already pre-paid, and the whole process takes just a few seconds.

Another way to recycle is through the use of an inkjet cartridge refilling service such as the Jetpak mailer program.

With the Jetpak mailer program, the customer purchases a special refilling service mailer in advance. When the customer runs out of ink, they place the empty cartridge into the postage paid mailing box and drop it in the mail. When the cartridge refilling company receives the empty cartridge, the refilling service cleans, inspects, and professionally refills the cartridges and mails it back to the customer.

In about a week the completed cartridge is returned to the customer at a big savings over buying a new cartridge. This method also lowers the amount of garbage going into our landfills.

Why recycle? Why not recycle?

It saves you money, saves natural resources, reduces the amount of garbage produced, and is the right thing to do for our environment.

Just because an empty inkjet cartridge is out of ink, doesn’t mean it’s broken.

It just needs to be recycled.

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