Testing the video conferencing system prior to an important meeting

Testing The Video Conferencing System Prior To An Important Meeting

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In the race to keep costs down, businesses are looking at the newest technology for answers. One piece of technology has risen to the top in terms of saving business thousands in travel expenses is video conferencing. With the advances now in place, this is fast becoming the normal operating procedure for business meetings around the world. While businesses are tapping into this technology, it is the best interest of the business to run a few test meetings prior to the very big and important business meeting.

The test run is essential in getting the timing right for both sides of the meeting parties. The first reason is to get both parties on at the same time. This is especially important if the each party is in a different time zone. The differences in time can pose a huge problem for video conferencing since it usually means a middle of the night business meeting in China while the meeting in the United States is during regular business hours. Even across the country, a missed meeting can literally be missed by an hour. Therefore, one of the purposes of the test meeting should be to make certain everyone will be on at the exact same time regardless of time zone.

Another reason for the test meeting is to check the connections and ensure every one’s system is operating at full strength. Many times, unforeseen technical errors seem to hit at the most inopportune movement. It is bad when in the middle of a deal, agreement, or imparting crucial information that the system crashes. While every single outage can’t be predicted, a check of weather reports and running a test set-up prior to the meeting can eliminate most of the problems. It will also provide time to fix the problem before the meeting.

It is so important to do a test run before just jumping into a video conferencing session. Testing out the system prior to an important meeting will eliminate many of the problems that could potentially surface. It will make certain that the parties know exactly when to be on in their time zone. It can also minimize the amount of technical errors that seem to mysteriously appear. By ironing out all problems, a business can be assured of running a business meeting that runs smoothly technically and each meeting will accomplish the myriad of goals without a high price.

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