The 802.16 wireless application

The 802.16 Wireless Application

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The world today is shedding wires and cables and becoming mobile. The ability to stay connected to the world all times is revered and many solutions are being developed for mobile access for the users. Of course, all these have to be wireless access solutions.

IEEE is doing a great job of standardizing the protocols of wireless access including the latest technology. The underlying technology principle is the 802.16 series. WiMAX became so popular after its inception in 2001 that the 802.16 series started to be known by this name although 802.16 series was standardized in 1999 by IEEE.

It was commercialized by a forum called the WiMAX forum for certifying the wireless broadband products for compatibility and interoperability. Since then 802.16 series has made sure that many products evolve to its standards and allow users a hazard-free wireless access. It’s competition is mainly WiFi (802.11), 3G and other forms of wireless spectrums.

The physical layer (PHY) and the Media Access Control layer (MAC) are the air interfaces standardized by this standard.. PHY is standardized with the scalable OFDMA technique that carries channel bandwidth between 1. 25 MHz and 20 MHz.

The MAC standardization has allowed security using DES as an encryption algorithm and it has features like power saving methods and sleep mode for power conservation. It uses the principles of Ethernet to provide encapsulation.

The most popular of this standard is the mobile applications and Mobile wireless MAN. They are platform independent and cheaply available. The service providers and operators that do not have a network can setup and use WiMAX at lower rates than ever before. This has opened up new opportunities for service providers and their users to stay connected at lower rate and high quality.

There are various companies like Siemens, AlCatel and Cisco that make and provide equipments that allow applications not to be dependant on a platform and work on cross platforms.

WiMAX has left Wifi way behind in every aspect. It is speedy and covers a much larger area than Wifi would ever be able to cover. It uses different and a wide range of frequencies that allow data to sent on different frequencies at the same time.

A single base station provides access to 500 users and with high data rates. It is reliable and flexible and ensures scalability and interoperability among different application platforms. So, in this sense several countries have specific areas and hotspots from where people can get instant access to their data and even share information while they mobile. WiMAX is now available at a very affordable rate to consumers and although it has been made for MAN but use of it has become common at homes instead of a LAN.

WiMAX 802.16 series is by far the best solution for wireless applications and technologies and it is flexible to support applications on other platforms. With its commercialization, it was thought that it would become expensive but the effect has been quite opposite.

It is available in packages and lower rates and has made it possible for people to stay connected to the world whenever and wherever they are. 802.16 series is supposed to be flexible enough to grow even more in coming years and we have yet to see what more wonders it can perform.

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