The isp competition and t1 line cost

The ISP Competition And T1 Line Cost

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There was a when T1 line cost or DS1 line cost was expensive to the average person or business, but these days are long gone. This means that today you can kick back and enjoy the more cost effective Internet service. The prices of T1 lines today continue to drop in spite of false predictions from industry experts that said there would be no more price drops at any given year. Internet service providers that are offering T-1 Circuits are facing immense competition and so they are more than ready to slash their rates in order to capture more customers.

In the past people or businesses looked at T1 Line costs being prohibitive, so there were few partakers for the DS1 services. However, all that has made a paradigm shift because costs of T-1 lines have come down dramatically so there are many more subscribers.

Because of this shift today, individuals and companies are signing their DS1 line service agreements and are reaping many benefits by doing so. Compared to what they were spending a couple years ago, they are getting much better deals and even the bandwidth they are getting today is more at a premium than a few years back.

Back in the day rates for a Fractional T1 at three hundred and eighty-four kilobits would have cost you $900 hundred dollars each month. If you look for a full T-1 plan today you will pay 50 percent less and get four times the amount of bandwidth you were getting years back. This example certainly explains why it is better to shop for a DS1 line today and possibly resign your old T1 Internet agreement.

The T1 Internet line is almost available everywhere which is unlike that of DSL, that is not available due to distance restrictions. Besides that, DS1 lines offer regular, uninterrupted service and the Internet connection is of higher quality.

Another reason to choose a T1 line is that it will help to reduce your costly phone bills if you decide to go with a voice T1 or an Integrated T1 which is both voice and data.

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