The walk in shower of tomorrow

The Walk In Shower Of Tomorrow

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Welcome to the house of the future - a place where no part of the home is immune to the onset of technology. In this brave new world even the smallest room in the house is not to be left out. So nothing screams hi tech future home than a state of the art walk in shower.

Over the years we’ve all become a lot more choosy in what we want from life. And nothing it seems it going to get in our way. As such when you tour round some of the new home improvement shows doing the round you see the sheer wealth of design and imagination currently available to the ambitious home owner.

So why should we focus on a walk in shower in particular? Well in short this is the kind of place people tend to over look. When designing the home of their dreams they most commonly set about improving those parts of the house that people are most likely to visit: the kitchen or living room for example. It’s all about high visibility and high impact places.

However you shouldn’t neglect the bathroom. By improving the design in this part of the house you can get yourself a much nicer standard of living.

A walk in shower improves matters by introducing light and space into the entire surroundings. You can remove sharp or dangerous edges and ensure the floor is more grippy - avoiding problems such as slipping.

However, what we’re really interested in is something with the X Factor - something out of the ordinary which is why when looking at the walk in shower of the future we’re willing to let our imaginations run free. Make no mistake the sky is the limit.

Among the more advanced features available today are remote control shower controls. That means you can start it going and allow it to warm up while you’re getting changed.

Others have installed extra high tech devices such as waterproofed flat screen TVs which enable them to continue watching television even while you’re getting ready. While this might not be the most environmentally friendly approach it certainly does make the bathroom something special.

Most of these ideas are out of the price range for most people. However the wealth of design options a walk in shower brings can be applied across all budgets and price points. With that in mind the only question left is why wait?

Dominic Donaldson is a freelance journalist. Find out more about Walk in Shower at

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