Top 5 cutting edge features for office phone systems used by savvy small business owners

Top 5 Cutting Edge Features For Office Phone Systems Used By Savvy Small Business Owners

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Technological advancements in communications systems mean that telephone lines are becoming a thing of the past. In order to remain competitive these days, you need an office phone system that can send and receive calls over the internet via transmission technology known as Voice over Internet Protocol. A top business VoIP provider can bring your company into the modern era by setting you up with a sophisticated office phone system that utilizes IP/broadband telephony.

As with any purchasing decision that will impact your budget and daily operations, you want to get the most value for your money. This means choosing a business VoIP provider that will go above and beyond to bring you reliable service, must-have features, and affordable calling plans. In order to ensure your office phone system delivers in terms of functionality and price performance, be sure the package you choose contains the following cutting-edge features:

* Voice to text. Talk about convenience and practicality rolled into one! This feature automatically transcribes voice messages into text that can be quickly read in any standard email client. Reading messages is much faster than having to listen to long, drawn-out recordings, which means employees waste less time during the day.

* Unlimited local and long distance minutes. If your company makes and receives an unusually large volume of calls each month, then finding service providers that offer unlimited local and long distance minutes can save a significant amount of money. As long as there are no hidden costs embedded in the fine print, this feature is a must-have.

* Conferencing. Conference calls allow multiple parties to dial into a single number and participate in the same discussion. This handy feature saves money on airfare, hotel, and rental car expenses, as clients from different parts of the country can attend virtual meetings instead of having to travel to meet face-to-face, and should be standard in any modern telephone package.

* Auto attendant. Small businesses can take advantage of this great feature not only to make them appear more professional, but also to make them sound like a much larger enterprise. For the convenience of your customers, many virtual receptionist packages come with helpful features like customizable menu systems, call blasts, and dial-by-name directories.

* Intelligent call routing. If your customers can’t find you, they could lose their patience and you could lose their patronage. With intelligent call routing, you’ll never miss another lead, and your customers will be able to get in touch even if you’re out of the office. Calls can be routed to your cell phone, home, or any other designated number to ensure that they get answered promptly.

Purchasing the right office phone system can be a major decision for the owner of any company, however big or small. In comparing the many different plans available, deal only with providers who will cater to your company’s unique requirements. The business VoIP provider you select should offer quality products with advanced features and should be willing and able to adapt to the changing needs of your company for the duration of the service period.

Stephanie Elman is a writer for Phonebooth, a business VOIP provider ( She shares how office phone systems ( are vital to the success of a new business.

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