Trying to find free ds downloads? read this first

Trying To Find Free DS Downloads? Read This First

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It has become easier and easier over the years to find homebrew and pirate video games, and the relatively simple nature of the Nintendo DS hardware has made it an increasingly popular platform for people to try to find free DS downloads. But before you embark on your downloading hunt, there are a few things you should understand.

One of the reasons the DS is particularly popular game system for videogame downloading is because the format for the games software is basically a proprietary SD card (as opposed to the unique cartridge formats of past handheld systems); although it is differently shaped from the standard SD card, there are flash carts available that fit the DS game slot. The R4, M3, and Edge among them, these carts can also hold a micro SD chip and can hold many, many ROMs if you’re so inclined.

The downside - and it is a huge one - is that you’re opening your DS to the same kinds of software threats that are out there for your computer. Those trying to find free DS downloads from Torrent and P2P sites should be wary of trojans and viruses that will turn your on-the-go gaming device into an elaborate clamshell paperweight. Not so affectionately referred to as “DsBrick,” if you’re one of the unlikely receivers of this malware your DS will turn out to be a brick indeed. There is also some software that, while not intended to be harmful, might inadvertently erase the data that’s already on the micro SD chip due to being developed by amateur homebrew programmers. Downloader beware!

Getting your free DS downloads from websites dedicated to providing DS game ROMs is a safer alternative to P2P and Torrent sites since many of them will check and filter out any malware. Still, it’s not perfect. Download speeds can sometimes be poor and there are instances where the software simply will not work. That said, it’s one of the safer ways to download DS games online.

Those that are careful with downloading DS games will find it a time-saving, enjoyable activity, especially if they partake in the rich homebrew scene. There are DS games online that you won’t be able to find in retail. In this case, a dose of caution is worth a dose of dual-screen fun.

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