Understanding the need for a remote dba

Understanding The Need For A Remote DBA

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Remote database administrator (DBA) management companies serve businesses using database functions at the core of their enterprise. Rather than having personnel on site to manage system upgrades, user additions and routine maintenance, this is done remotely for a more cost-effective and time-efficient solution.

Why Are They Needed?
Businesses require their data to be reliable and secure. A professional expert is needed to install and maintain the system and to ensure reliable data information is available for the daily operations of the business. As complex as the systems are, they need regular tuning, maintenance and upgrades to provide optimum performance. While this does not take a lot of time, it is time best spent by someone who knows what they are doing. A basic in-house IT professional likely does not have the experience, up-to-date training or resources to handle these tasks flawlessly.

Why a Specialist?
While there are a variety of different systems available, remote database administration companies often focus on one type of database. These include products such as Oracle, Microsoft SQL Servicer and DB2 by IBM. The products are technical and require someone with intimate knowledge on how to install, troubleshoot and maintain daily operations. General knowledge is often not enough. For example, having an Oracle database administrator available means that the consultant has extensive experience in Oracle. When a client has difficulties with incompatibility, the remote DBA will likely have the vast knowledge needed to correct the problem after years of experience and training. Keep in mind these specialists are the minds that create user’s manuals, installation guides and white papers for the use of others.

Why a Remote DBA?
Many companies these days are spread out across the country. They have multiple locations joined under one corporate umbrella. They need someone with secure access to all of their data that can connect users at different levels as needed throughout the company. When there is a question or a problem, they need one source to handle all of the inquiries. This prevents duplicate efforts while allowing the consultant to see the big picture, not just the isolated issue. Remote DBAs have the ability to take care of routine maintenance, new data users and upgrades at any time of day without the client having to wait a long time for assistance. The system can be worked on without shutting down operations, creating less down time for the company’s employees and clients.

When a company relies heavily upon its data resources, it is important to put its system in the hands of a remote DBA that can manage everything quickly and professionally. These clients will then be able to focus on what they were meant to do: Run the business and serve their customers.

Author is a freelance copywriter. For more information about Remote database administration, please visit www.dbspecialists.com.

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