Unique electronic gadgets

Unique Electronic Gadgets

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With all the latest electronic devices on the market it may be difficult to find something truly unique for that gadget person in your life. It seems that each week something new comes along, and it is hard to keep up with it all. While there are many different electronic gadgets, many are just updated versions on the same thing, like I-pods, cell phones and GPS systems, but here are a few things that are unique and different than the same old thing.

More and more people are trying to get outside and in touch with Mother Earth. People who like camping still can’t let go of their electronic devices while they are out, whether it is GPS systems, or needed to work with their laptops, or whatever else they tend to bring with them. The biggest problem is that you can’t plug these electronics into a nearby tree, so how can you keep the batteries charged, or keep them powered? While solar power is not a new concept, solar panels are getting much smaller, and more portable. With the advances in this technology, you can use the power of the sun just about anywhere you want. One product is the SUNLINQ Fold-able Solar Panel, in a 12V power supply. This product is available in 6.5, 12, or even a whopping 25 watt out put, and can supply power to any kind of device that can be hooked up to a cigarette lighter. If folds up, and weighs just around a pound. When open it is 28.4″x8.2″, but it’s folded size is just 5.7″x8.2″x1.3″, small enough to fit into a back pack, or even in cargo pants. This particular model will cost you just around $90.

Have you ever wondered what your dog sees when it is tramping around the yard or in the woods? Well now you can with the Pet’s-Eye View, Digital Collar Camera. With this small digital camera on your cat or dog, you can see what it’s like to see what they are seeing. It is able to hold up to 35 photos, and it has automatic settings so it will take pictures every 1, 5, and 15 minutes. It comes with a USB port that doubles as a charger, and is available for $50.

For the latest in home security, try the WowWee Rovio Robotic Home Security System. This internet ready remote controlled robot on wheel looks like a futuristic three wheeled vehicle, and has an extending neck which houses an adjustable camera, as well as audio capabilities. Whether sitting on the couch, or even from a hotel miles away, if you have internet capabilities, you can control all of this little robots movements with a touch of a button or a mouse. You can even program it to perform tasks on its own, and with the included docking port, it will charge itself when it’s power supply starts to run low. It can self navigate through even the darkest parts of your house, or outside with LED sensors to guide it. This unit comes with everything you need to get started patrolling your home or office right away, and sells for $299.99.

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