Up and running with mobile voip

Up And Running With Mobile VoIP

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Any new technology is difficult to understand at first - especially if it’s as game changing as VoIP. This means that it’s not just the features which will convince people to change, it’s also the reassurance that it’s much easier to use the new technology than the old one. And despite a lot of confusion, that’s exactly the case with mobile VoIP. When discussing the various ways in which it’s superior to regular wireless systems, it’s often overlooked that mobile VoIP is simpler to set up and much more easy to manage. In this article we look at the process of setting up a mobile VoIP system and the different ways we can make use of it.

By far, the most complicated part of mobile VoIP is the Internet connection itself. Wireless data plans are hardly ever offered as a separate package from a wireless phone connection and this is probably the biggest reason why we don’t see more phones using mobile VoIP. After all, when you have a regular cell phone, why use it any other way? This is why telcos aren’t bundling their data plans as separate packages.

But assuming that Internet connection is not a problem (and if you spend a lot of time at home or office, your wifi connection will do just fine) it’s remarkably easy to start using mobile VoIP. All you need is an account with an ITSP and the SIP software installed on your smartphone. Theoretically, you don’t even need an account with a wireless carrier to start making calls - any smartphone capable of accessing the Internet will do. Your service provider can give you a telephone number which will be used by anyone wishing to call you. The SIP client on your phone is responsible for connecting over the Internet to your service provider’s SIP proxy and completing the call.

All in all, from the time you decide to implement mobile VoIP, it can take less than 15 minutes to start calling over the Internet! With wifi locations proliferating every day, you can possibly even get by with a pre paid plan and mostly use your phone within the confines of your home and office! This allows you to have the best of both worlds - a phone connection for the times when there’s no Internet connection around and excellent free wifi connectivity when you’re at home.

To preserve your battery life, you can even turn off wireless connectivity via “airplane mode” and keep wifi on when you’re in the zone. It’s precisely the flexibility of mobile VoIP which is such a great selling point!

Andrew Wiggin is an expert consultant on Configuring SIP Proxy Servers. He also specializes in Reviews of IP Phones.

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