Video conferencing has a broad appeal

Video Conferencing Has A Broad Appeal

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Many industries and disciplines now use video conferencing as a form of interacting with clients, colleagues and students. This is an interactive telecommunication technology that allows two or more locations in parts of the world or country, to communication using a two-way video and audio transmission. A common industry term is visual collaboration. This form of technology differs from video phone calls because it serves a conference, rather than individuals. Therefore, the impact has been great for many reason, and for many groups of people.

Impact to the General Public

The introduction of high speed Internet is widely available for a reasonable price. Along with this, the cost of video and display technology has also decreased. Personal video conferencing is more affordable and possible through the use of technology such as a webcam, personal computer system, software compression and broadband Internet connectivity. Additionally, the quality of the hardware has improved as technology progresses. This is fulfilling the vision of those who foresaw face-to-face encounters via video and audio. This form of communication is more practical when an in-person meeting is not feasible. The hearing impaired also has a personal investment in this communication device. The development of high quality technology that uses sign language is on the horizon.

Impact to Education

Teachers and lecturers from all around the world can come to a classroom via video conferencing. Students now have a 2-way communication platform to increase their knowledge and learning capacity. Diverse cultures and communities can unite, removing many cultural barriers. These students will enrich their education by exploring, communicating and sharing information with each other. Students can visit other parts of the world, taking virtual field trips to the zoo, museum, etc. This broadens the horizon, especially in locations that are geographically isolated, and for the economically disadvantaged.

Impact to Medicine and Health Care

One of the elements of the new health care reform in the electronic medical records, which will help to streamline processes. Video conferencing is also another aspect that will improve the health care system. For example, telemedicine and telenursing applications will enable health care professionals to visit their patients who cannot easily come into a doctor’s office. Special pieces of equipment such as microscopes are used with digital cameras and medical ultrasound imaging devices to transmit data about a patient.

The various uses of this technology will make the world a flatter, better place for all those who benefit from it.

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