Voip communications for emerging mobile devices

VoIP Communications For Emerging Mobile Devices

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The iPhone and its predecessor the iPod Touch, as well as the new iPad devices are truly remarkable gadgets that have become a worldwide phenomena enjoyed by millions from different parts of the globe. These devices have changed the game in wireless connectivity — bringing it to a whole new level of telecommunication convenience and usability.

The introduction of newer models such as the 3G versions that have sold more than a million units in the first weekend alone is continuing to revolutionize an already phenomenal industry, particularly with the use of VoIP applications that enabled cost-effective calls to anywhere– even overseas–using the unmatched flexibility, mobility and convenience of the iPhone and other similar mobile phones and devices.

Make VoIP Calls through Your iPhone, iPod and iPad Devices

VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol is a revolutionary concept in telecommunications that allows phone calls to be made over the Internet. With wideband capabilities and other features that no conventional telephone systems could ever accomplish, VoIP is set to become the telecommunication system of choice in the near future.

The immense impact of the introduction of the iPhone two years ago is still being felt now, and more so when AT&T, the exclusive carrier for the iPhone’s wireless network, relented and allowed VoIP services to run on its wireless 3G network. Previously, VoIP applications were blocked from the 3G network and were only allowed through the Wi-FI channels of the iPhone as a way of protecting its own core business and bottom line. However, the public clamour has been overwhelming and AT&T had no choice but to cater to the needs of the public.

VoIP applications like Skype, Vonage, Fring, iCall and a host of others that allow free or low-cost international calls not only works for the iPhone and other smartphones such as the BlackBerry, but even on Wi-Fi enabled devices like the iPod touch — with the addition of an appropriate headset and microphone of course. The buzz is also filling up the online waves as more VoIP providers are announcing their support for mobile VoIP orchurning out more apps that would be compatible with the iPad. Of course, just like the iPod touch, you need a headset with your iPad — unless you want to put the whole iPad unit next to your ears during VoIP calls to get good audo quality!

The Benefits iPhone Users Get by Using VoIP on their Phones

VoIP calls by software using a PC or directly through a VoIP phone are distinguished by the use of wideband audio capabilities, providing better clarity and wider ranges during calls that go beyond the capabilities of standard telephone lines. Though there are no iPhone applications that currently support wideband, the g.711 standard codec which is often used sounds better than a normal cell phone call. People might also be wondering why they would need to have VoIP capabilities of their iPhone sets — since their units are already capable enough to make and receive calls through its 3G network. The following will tell you why:

VoIP calls allow users to make very low cost calls overseas while paying only the equivalent of a local cellular phone call. An application on the softphone also allows users to use their VoIP provider, whether its their personal provider or the provider that takes care of his/her business phone system. Users can be connected to their business phone system from anywhere, and have an extension of their deskphone. All the while, these calls do not consume the user’s own mobile minutes.

VoIP to VoIP calls can be made freely through the Wi-Fi network which is the main benefit of using VoIP applications. However, when used with smartphones like the iPhone, calls can be switched seamlessly through a wireless 3G network or through the phones Wi-Fi connection depending on the available connectivity at the user’s current location.

For people on the go or travelling overseas, these VoIP can be a really big help in reducing telecommunication expenses. Instead of paying costly roaming charges through your cellular phone, you can use VoIP applications to make calls — and pay the same rate that you have back home even while you’re in some far off country anywhere in the world.

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