What is combofix

What Is ComboFix

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One of the widely used programs on the Internet that is gaining popularity is the ComboFix. This is a powerful anti-malware program, which scans your computer for malware and attempts to remove them permanently and reboot your system. Another additional feature of ComboFix is that it displays a report that can be made use of, to remove malware, in case it is not removed automatically by the program. Basically this software acts as a cleaning tool, which is extremely effective when compared with other malware removers as it helps a user to detect files that general scanners cannot find. This tool also has the ability to disclose or list out registry keys such as key keys, desktop keys, and other areas where the malware may be hidden. ComboFix has some rootkit detectors as well, which helps you to see if a rootkit is present on the PC. ComboFix targets malware such as SurfSideKick, QooLogic, Look2Me or any combination of that group.

ComboFix has become very popular amongst technical people, but there are a few things to be considered before you download or use this program. This program only scans for the most commonly known malware; hence there is a possibility of the software leaving out other less known but equally hazardous malware. Another important point about this software is that it can be a dangerous tool for the inexperienced. When it comes to ComboFix you need to know what you are doing, otherwise you may end up doing more harm than the malware itself to your PC. This program also requires frequent updates from the Internet. All the sites that provide downloading of ComboFix carry a disclaimer that usually says “The use of ComboFix is done at your own risk.” Some may consider ComboFix to be a little complex compared with the other generic antivirus programs. If used unwisely you may be on the receiving end of adverse consequences such as removing legitimate files or permanently disabling Internet connection.

After the malware has been deleted and your system rebooted, the next step is manual deleting. You need to know which files require manual deleting and which do not. This is where you should take the help of an expert, as you do not want the malware residing in your system and at the same time you do not want to delete any of your important files. While the scanning process is taking place you may find your Internet disconnected and your system slow. You need to know that while ComboFix can be a valuable program for many, some may consider a less complicated program to work with.

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