What to expect from windows 8

What To Expect From Windows 8

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Windows 7 debuted with much acclaim. Critics commended it for major steps forward in design and reliability over its predecessors.

Now that Windows 7 is firmly established, the technology world looks curiously to Windows 8. What innovations can we expect to see? What will remain the same, and what will change?

Windows 8 is not scheduled for release until 2012, and though details are still a bit hazy, here’s a summary of the information we know today.


Perhaps the most noticeable difference in Windows 8 will be its interface. Windows 8 will align itself with the “ribbon” interface that was first introduced in Office 2007. The interface will make extensive use of icons and tabbing, allowing more information to be initially displayed, and easier navigation of that information.

Though the “ribbon” interface will be used throughout the operating system, it will be most evident in Windows Explorer, which will see a full redesign to incorporate the new approach to navigation.


Tablet computers are a big emerging market, and Microsoft has announced that Windows 8 will not only support mainstream Intel and AMD processors, but also processors that can be found in tablet and mobile devices. This means Windows 8 will have a much broader support base, and be able to grow with consumer computing trends.

Back It Up!

The Apple operating systems feature a program named “Time Machine”, which is a fully integrated solution to backup computer data. Microsoft has taken some strides on this front, but most experts agree that serious backing-up requires a more robust third-party solution than what’s found in the current versions of Windows.

This is set to change with Microsoft’s new “History Vault” program in Windows 8. Little is known about the program at this point, however its functionality is expected to be very similar to that of Time Machine.

The Microsoft Store:

Apple has received a lot of attention for its App Store, which is an online store where users can purchase applications for immediate download.

Microsoft is expected to debut a similar type of online store, however details, and how closely it can be expected to mirror the App Store, are currently sketchy.

In Conclusion:

Microsoft is well known for their constantly evolving products. While these are the current innovations that are known, you can expect to see a lot more information unveiled over the next year as we get closer to launch.

We will keep you updated as new details emerge!

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