Why upgrading to colour copiers could save you money

Why Upgrading To Colour Copiers Could Save You Money

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They say that if you are not moving forward then you are moving backwards and one place where that holds particularly true is in the technology sector. Technology has been moving at such a rate of knots recently that almost as quickly as something has been released it is made redundant. However, once in a while each of these technologies will plateau and give people the opportunity to catch up.

When it comes to office technology, one of the most utilised pieces of equipment has to be the photocopier. And the latest technology in that sector has to be the use of colour copiers. At this point many people are probably wondering, what is the point in having colour copiers around the office? Well, the content that businesses put out today is much richer and has a higher contrast and context. Because of this normal black and white photocopiers just won’t do the trick anymore.

Another benefit for using colour copiers is the factor of cost. Previously it was extremely expensive to utilise a colour copier to produce high quality content rich documents. However, with the advancement in technology the cost of colour cartridges has significantly reduced in contrast to a decade ago. It can now be significantly cheaper to utilise the processing power of colour copiers to re-produce the content of colour documents as opposed to printing the same document through colour printers.

Most offices have a photocopier lurking somewhere within the building, but after visiting a few sites I was amazed at the amount of places that had failed to keep up with technology and had let their considerable technology investment go to waste. Like anything, if you fail to invest in it then it will start to flag, and yet when I have been around some company’s offices I’ve noticed that they are still running on archaic machinery that is costing the company’s more to run in toner and electricity than some modern colour copy equivalents. When you look at it in a pure business sense like that, there really is no need not to upgrade.

Colour copiers have revolutionised the photo copy industry and once more provided offices with the power to quickly and efficiently produce high quality, content rich material, which can then be distributed to the client. If you office is still running on machinery that is out dated and archaic then maybe 2010 could be the perfect time to upgrade.

Dominic Donaldson is a business analyst with many years of experience in the financial industry. Find out more about colour copiers at www.bts-ltd.co.uk

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