Your internet marketing campaign: ideas that are hot

Your Internet Marketing Campaign - Ideas That Are Hot

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PR 101, when you’re coming out with a press release to announce the launch of a website in your internet marketing campaign, you tie it to something that is already newsworthy and that is the way you get attention to your press releases. As I’m seeing it now, to build a new website, the first thing is, see what resources we’ve got, make sure we optimize on page and clean up what we can. Then we look through our own networks for JVs and look for what’s easy and also leveraging off other sites that are in line and maybe complementary for what we are doing.

When you’re working for a client, the first thing you’re doing is going through all this brainstorming and mapping out a strategy and writing down, here is what we’re going to do next. Actually there is some easy low hanging fruit to go after.

It’s hidden resources in your internet marketing campaign. Very often you sit down with someone and they say, we’ve been buying this type of advertising, we’ve been doing a newsletter to our clients, whatever their general list of things is. Most of the time the biggest mistake people make is, they rely on only one or two channels of marketing. So they’ve been doing direct mail for a long time and they haven’t really leveraged the internet. Or they are on the internet but they’ve never done a postcard marketing campaign.

There are things called hidden resources and that is where I will ask them, who their relatives are or who are the people they know? Where have they spoken before? They’ve spoken somewhere at a trade show last year but they didn’t videotape it. They didn’t even audio record it. The next thing in the hidden resources is their customers. Very often they don’t use testimonials effectively, they don’t have a capture method for testimonials.

The next thing we do in your internet marketing campaign is, look at the hidden resources where they already have processes in place. Say they install curtains in people’s homes. They do house calls and they measure the windows and they install curtains. But they don’t take a flip cam with them or train their installation people to have the person stand in front of the newly installed curtains and say, I just had Bob’s Curtains in my house and they took off their shoes at the door, they cleaned up all the wood and plaster shavings before they left. Not only that, I have a beautiful set of curtains and it was a great price.

You capture the testimonial in the moment. They’ve already got somebody on site, they’ve got a happy customer, and maybe they send around somebody after who does an inspection but that person at the inspection doesn’t ask one more question. Would you mind calling this special 1800 number and leaving a testimonial or better yet just have something in their hand, a voice recorder and record a testimonial. Give them $20 off to show your gratitude.

So that is just adding one more step to existing processes.

We have the existing resources, we’ve got reviewing the sites, also the possibility of JVs and also some of those hidden resources. I know there is a little bit of overlap there with a few of those different areas, like the existing resources and also your hidden resources as well. When you’re working with a client it essentially brings us full circle back to the objective.

First we set the objective in your internet marketing campaign. We want to get twenty more leads a month for a company, let’s say. That is their objective. Next is the strategy. The strategy is the high level big picture. We want to get twenty leads but we want to do it with pre qualified people who already have money in their pocket, have a preconceived notion of their pain and respect value. The strategy is to target those prospects. The tactics are then the things, well what do those people read? So I’m going to go in this newspaper, I’m going to go in that magazine, I’m going to get quoted in that magazine, I’m going to go on this website. So that’s tactical.

Set the objective, look to the resources and your website is bound to become more popular.

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